Eat Clean! This salmon spinach salad is just the right meal to fuel you through the day :)Recipe:3 tablespoons onion choppedhandful of cherry tomatoes10 cups baby spinach1/2 cup sliced almonds toasted4 ounces feta cheese crumbledsliced novavia Ellie
호박죽 HobakJuk (Korean Pumpkin Soup)Est. Calories: 103 
Hobakjuk is a porridge of boiled and sieved pumpkin, sweet red beans, soybean and rice cake balls. Hobakjuk is a typical Korean porridge; it stimulates the appetite with its sweetness and tender color. Hobakjuk is low calories and a good diet food. Click for Recipe
Guess who cooked dinner? I did! :D
Lemon Grilled Shrimp w/ Snow Peas
Korean Purple Rice (very healthy!)